My Tweets For The Week

  • Struggling already and it's only 9.45… #
  • Let's try that again – Tonight's 'Rae Is Away Music' – Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen #
  • Absolutely no focus this morning so I went and mowed the lawns. Feel better now and can actually get work done. #
  • Ah, working from the deck. Perfect day for it. #
  • Perfect day outside, may take the lappy out the back and work from the deck today. #
  • Tried out an @oovie_australia machine at the shops this morning. Quick, easy and best of all today it was free! #
  • Homemade hamburgers and chips, eaten outside. Hard to top that for a dinner. #
  • Scrubbed the deck this morning (thanks Steve) before starting work. All set for a coat tomorrow morning. Plan is to do it early. #
  • Whose bright idea was it to put the Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts next to each other on the keyboard? #
  • finished Black and Blue: An Inspector Rebus Mystery by Ian Rankin. My Rebus Kindle treck goes on. #Kindle #
  • finished Black and Blue: An Inspector Rebus Mystery by Ian Rankin and gave it 5 stars #Kindle #
  • Deck done. Hopefully will get another coat on tomorrow morning. #
  • In the interest of energy conservation and keeping things a bit cooler I'm working off the laptop today. #
  • Well done to us. 10% reduction in electricity usage compared to this time last year. #
  • Wow @BBCChrisHawkins @ClaireSlevin – The Pursuit of Happiness on the radio, and not *that* one! You've made my Friday afternoon. #
  • Looking at flights now. #christmasatslevs #
  • Ooops. Meant looking at flights now #boxingdayatslevs @ClaireSlevin #
  • Second coat done for the deck. Had enough left over to do the new table and benches too. Good start to the weekend. #
  • Just how many ways do I need to make an espresso….my wife is a bad influence on me. #
  • Watching Elvis in Hawaii. Aloha baby. #

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