Kinder Time

We’re just back from an information night at the kinder the kids will be attending next year. It was a good evening apart from the fact they all really need to go to a course on how to give a presentation (here’s a hint : don’t put paragraphs of text on the slide and stand there reading them. And also, your corporate philosophy isn’t really more important to us than what we need to bring on kinder days so maybe spend more time on later and nix the former).

The kids got to see their room for next year and the amazing outside space. Mr Henry didn’t want to leave my side until he saw the huge construction set and then he was off. Their teacher said hi and asked their names. When she asked Kennedy “and what’s your name?” Miss K stood tall and said “Moo Moo”. Looks like she’ll be Moo for life. Henry can’t wait to get back now and I know that every day he’ll be asking how long until they start.

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