My Tweets For The Week

  • Looks like the Mormons are on the prowl in the neighbourhood today. #
  • I need peppermints. #
  • My new site for The Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand : #
  • Who is Mary and why do I have a reminder to call her? #
  • Peppermints! How I love my wife. #
  • Star Wars burlesque. DID THEY READ MY MIND! #
  • Stupid international restrictions on buying ebooks…. #
  • For @danielbowen RT @ClaireSlevin: Blimey 🙁 RT @LDN This is what the Tube map looks like if you can't use stairs #
  • Dear Fremantle Dockers. You still have the worse song in the league. That is all. #
  • Just received an SMS from Houston. That's pretty cool. #
  • My happy Tiger girl. @Richmond_FC #
  • Anyone searching Red Fox issue @RedFoxHosting – there's a network problem at @m247 data centre. No eta on a fix. #
  • What's the world coming to. My mother in law now has a better Android phone than I do. #
  • Haven't listened to any Hip in a long time. Bobcaygeon always makes me smile. #
  • Installing Firefox, haven't done that in years. #
  • Rainy morning. Mum shopping, Phee working, young ones watching Rio, dad reading paper with coffee and no interruptions. Everybody happy. #
  • Took advantage of @crashplan 50% off offer and moved to them for off site back up. Impressed so far, only 20GB of uploads to go… #
  • Yum. @raezm just bought a dozen oysters. Mmmmmmmmmm. They didn't last long. #
  • "Henry, you get 50 for that." Rae dispenses discipline AFL style at the Malloy household. Not sure how many points were added to his record. #
  • Sunny afternoon spent working and ripping movies to the network. #joysobeingyourownboss Did get a nap in though. #sonotsobad #
  • Now that's cool, I actually got to use a <hr> tag. And it was used semantically as a content divider, not for presentation. #

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