Turn Off Turn On

Lately Rae has been out or away a little and I’ve found myself changing my night time habits. I would once have put on a movie or plonked on the couch and watched telly once the kids are in bed but increasingly now I find I’m turning the telly off and switching on the radio. I’ve always thought of the radio as a morning and day time thing and never really listened at night until now but I’ve found having music playing so much more relaxing.

Maybe it’s having the DAB+ or media centre set up for music that makes the difference. Is it just me who has favourite night time albums? Some that spring to mind are The The’s Beaten Generation, Sinead O’Connor’s I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got or Paul Kelly’s Nothing But A Dream. Tonight I have Koffee playing which is perfect for this time of night.


The The The album is Mind Bomb, not The Beaten Generation, which is a track from the album.

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  1. Deborah Conway’s “My Third Husband”. It’s a good sexy dim lights kinda album, but I didn’t like it when it was released.

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