My Tweets For The Week

  • It's cheaper for me have a physical copy of the new @billybragg cd sent all the way from the UK than it is to buy it on iTunes. Madness. #
  • Prices – physical cd sent airmail from UK $13.50. Download album on Australian ITunes 16.99 – 20% cheaper. #
  • My Google account was accessed in Italy a few minutes ago. If you haven't already, turn on two factor authentication for your Google acct #
  • Kids were in heaven having two nanas in the house tonight. #
  • Oh wow. @BBC6Music playing 'Age Of Consent' by New Order. #
  • Dear @6music. After the wonderful music today I'm sorry for flirting with other local DAB stations. From now on I promise to be faithful. #
  • Woo Hoo! My photo made it to The Age gallery. #
  • Street sweeper just gone down the street. That was a lot more exciting when you were a kid. #
  • Not that great when @tppwholesale sales enquiry goes through to voicemail. #
  • About to watch Blue Velvet for the first time in 20 years. Should look different on Boy Ray in comparison to 4:3 pan and scan vhs. #
  • Did I just enter Boy Ray? We're watching it on Bluray. #
  • Drinks on the deck until 11:00pm. How civilised. #
  • Late comer to Big Bang Theory (the show, not the theory). Enjoying it a lot, may have to go back to the start. #

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