My Tweets For The Week

  • A coffee, in the afternoon, and after 3.30!? It's been one of those days. #
  • 5 minutes of watching this Celebrity Apprentice and I'm pining for Lord Sugar. Channel 9, you're fired. #
  • Hey @mtcopywriting when does Lord Sugar come back? #
  • Those few minutes were enough to remind of why we could quite easily remove channel 9 from our telly and not miss a thing. #
  • Little bit excited, our new couches have just arrived. #
  • I can hear it on a timeless wavelength, never dissipating but giving us strength…. Ah, PSB, I don't listen to you enough. #
  • You should come and sit on my new couch, it's so comfy. Seriously #notaeuphamism #
  • Bought a new generation Kindle yesterday, love it. Only wish I could be reading on it instead of working to pay for it. #
  • Phee home early thanks to hay fever. Pretty bad day out there. #
  • Can't believe Qantas fleet grounded. #
  • Interesting timing of Qantas announcement – was it to make it harder for unions to reply by 6.00pm news? #
  • Qantas still running an ad on their home page 'Book with confidence at'. Their web team really need to get moving. #
  • Pokin' around CMOS settings on a Sunday morning, such fun. #
  • Not sure when/if we'll get our order from @mastersau – staff seemed to have very little idea about what they were doing. Fingers crossed. #
  • finished Let It Bleed (Detective John Rebus Novels) by Ian Rankin #Kindle #

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