My Tweets For The Week

  • Have @theage outsourced online sub editing too? "ConnectEast in trading holt" Sad to see this at The Age. #
  • Working on the lappy in the front yard while the kids barrel up and down the street on their bikes, Absolute 80s playing. Work is good. #
  • And now the cat has come to say hello. Where's Norman Rockwell when you need him? #
  • That's odd, 2nd post delivery for the day, several hours after the first. #
  • Two of the big winners in allocation of new police are Shepparton and Brimbank. Grew up in one, live in the other. Just a coincidence. #
  • Amazing what a difference it makes when you remember to forward a port. #
  • Lots of sirens going off nearby. #
  • Wishing I had hatches to batten down. The weather out there is wild. #
  • Another @theage howler "To expensive to play: All Blacks will not compete at 2015 World Cup " #
  • Very. very dark outside now. #
  • Very eery out there now – grey, still and quiet. #
  • Must be tired. Two rookie mistakes in updating files today, thanks be to @Microsoft for 'Previous Version' #
  • For all the build up that wasn't much of a storm. #
  • Lots of loud thunder now. #
  • Oh how I love you my UPS! I would have lost most of a form I have just coded without you. #
  • Okay, it's a proper thunderstorm now. #
  • One cat 'rescued'. All it cost was a pair of ruined slippers, a mud covered deck and a saturated husband and wife. #
  • Grrrrrr. The cool new Kindles are US only. I'd buy a Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire today if I could. @AmazonKindle #
  • Feels odd to be actually watching the GF this year. #
  • Channel 10 – you're epg seems to be an hour out. #

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