My Tweets For The Week

  • Something, somewhere is not right. I have no idea what but it feels very odd today. #
  • That can't be right, no email to my business account in three days. Some times I hate technology. #
  • Argh. Back To The Future trilogy on BluRay turned up today and too much work to do to watch it. #
  • Love the fact the new roof means no glare; it's much easier to work from the kitchen table now. Coding away while the kids run riot outside. #
  • 3 hit with a belly bug. Not nice when you only have two loos…. #
  • I've just lost my main desktop PC. My main work PC. My main income generating PC. This. Is. Not. A. Good. #
  • Everything is backed up okay but the time to build a new one…oh boy. #
  • New HD in, Win7SP1 installing. List of software to install waiting to be ticked off. It's good I have a regime in place to cover this. #
  • Greetings from the new PC. Installs under way. #
  • Of course CS5 would be the problem child… #
  • Mouse Without Borders – like Synergy for PCs but with drag and drop file transfer. Great program, thanks @Microsoft #
  • Just heard Moo say "How about we turn it off and then turn it back on?" followed by "Told you it would work.". I couldn't be more proud. #
  • Worse tech week ever, today the network collapsed and I've lost a day fixing the mess. #
  • 9.00am and just back from a two hour drive around town. Time for a nap. #
  • Wondering if last night's results means the WIlls' will be coming to the GF BBQ #

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