My Tweets For The Week

  • Hmmmm. Email seems to be going everywhere except for where it was intended. #
  • Why doesn't Microsoft Word recognise 'spreadsheet' as a word? #
  • That's alarming. How did a song by 2Pac make it in to my music library? #
  • And that would be the cool change rolling in outside my window. #
  • Being driven to distraction by spam filters. #
  • Yes feral driver. I will point out to you that it is wrong to drive one handed, on the phone through a school drop off area. #
  • And it's also wrong to drive on the wrong side of the road just because you can't be bothered waiting for those turning at a light. #
  • Listening to Electronic, Raise The Pressure, while I make pizzas. Had forgotten how good this album is. #
  • Fast Empty Folder Finder /via @wordpressdotcom – fantastic free tool, cleaned up my old iTunes folder in seconds. #
  • Best two aids to sleep; clear conscience and fresh sheets. #
  • Kid Has SERIOUS Problem with Sandals – White Whine – A Collection of First-World Problems via @whiteWhines #
  • Wondering if @m_a_walker Michael Walker and my mum would like some advice on things to do on September weekends. #
  • New pair of sandals. That's my summer wardrobe update done. #

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