My Tweets For The Week

  • Coffee, I need a coffee. #
  • Catching up with the last of @VickiBlight shows. Thanks for teh great music while @BBCChrisHawkins was tanning himself. @ClaireSlevin #
  • Oh look, krill… #
  • New street view pics in Google Maps. No longer an empty block but still early days, the garden had just been done. #
  • native RAW support in Win 7, nice one @Microsoft #
  • Rae and I, we rock. Fantastic new addition to the media pc setup and no swearing. #
  • Oh, and JB Hi Fi, $79.00 for a basic hdmi cable. Come on, just how stupid do you think we are? @Kogan #
  • Tonight it will be Close Encounters on BluRay. But which one? The theatrical release, the re-release or directors cut #firstworldgeekproblem #
  • Bugger, so much for Close Encounter tonight. Emergency work must be done. Sigh. #
  • A bit of Wishing Chair magic and everyone is in a much calmer mood. Now if I can get this design brief done I may yet get to watch a movie. #
  • Never. Ever. Ever wake Moo from a map. The results are Not Pleasant. #
  • Beyond excited. Tonight I get to see Pulp live. I've waited a long time to say that. #
  • There is a good, his name is Jarvis Cocker @pulp2011 #
  • Home now but still buzzing. What a band, what a man, what a show. Every song you wanted and then even more. #
  • Sunday pancakes. "Bonus pancake day!" yells Bert. #
  • Where's the best (ie cheapest) site to order Bluray discs? #
  • Just out nerded myself explaining the different versions of Blade Runner to Rae. #

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