The morning after and I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Last night I had one of my all time wishes fulfilled and saw Pulp perform live.

They were absolutely amazing, just under two hours of their greatest hits. Jarvis Cocker is a god (not just a good as previously reported in one of my tweets). The energy he committed to the show was incredible. The roof was raised for Common People and then somehow they found enough for an encore. I had waited so long to see them I ran the risk of being disappointed, but there was absolutely nothing about that show that was even mildly annoying. You could not have asked for anything more.

It was great to see it with Miss Marita and Daniel. The reason I wasn’t on Facebook all day yesterday ranting about how excited I was is that Daniel had kept my attendance a secret so it was real surprise to Marita when I walked up and sat down beside her. Seeing a performance like that is all the better when shared with friends.

At the close Jarvis said “see you again 13 years”.

I’ll be there.



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