More Power To Us. Maybe.

With electricity prices on the rise (some one really should tell Today Tonight, they might be interested in doing a story on it) we’ve been thinking about our power bills. We’re pretty good; most nights there’ll just be the two lights on in the house, we don’t have a drier and follow energy saving suggestions fairly assiduously. Our quarterly bills are low in comparison to the few we’ve had discussions with too, which surprises us. We know there are things we could do to save a bit more on electricity bur seriously, who can be bothered turning off the television at the wall every night?

One thing we’ve been contemplating is solar panels for our electrickery but I’m not sure if they represent that much value. Before launching off in to our own research (which we’re going to have do regardless) has any one done any investigation and is able to give us a rough ‘yeah you should’ or ‘no, don’t even bother’?

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  1. I’ve got one of those gadgets that lets you measure power consumption of individual appliances which I’ll lend you.

    From memory, the govt subsidies for solar electricity aren’t as good now as they were before July.

  2. Thanks Daniel, that’d be great.

    Yep, I think the subsidies have been reduced too, just a shame we weren’t in the position to consider the panels then. Looks like I have a fair bit of research ahead.

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