A Thing Of Great Importance – Oddfellows Mints Are Disappearing

Screw the Carbon Tax, this is important.

Oddfellows peppermints are disappearing.

Over the past couple of months The Best Peppermints In The World have become harder and harder to find and when my sure thing of finding them in the local IGA failed this week I feared the worse; that Allens had discontinued my all time favourite lolly.

Things became so desperate I rang Allens today and spoke to a lovely lady in their customer service department. She had obviously had a few calls because as soon as I said ‘Oddfellows’ she interrupted me to let me know that they are still being made. Coles stopped stocking them years ago but Woolworths has only just removed them from their shelves and now they are only available in independents or petrol stations. I asked if there was some form of factory outlet (with the aim of buying a lifetime’s supply) but there isn’t one.

So now I’m going to have to spend one day a week cruising milk bars, small supermarkets and petrol stations so I can get my fix. Another day of the week I’m going to have to devote to my ‘Save The Oddfellows’ campaign. Tonight I’m writing to Woolworths voicing my displeasure.

So, if you see any packets hanging around please let me know, I don’t want to have to resort to ordering them from New Zealand.

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  1. You and me, made a special trip our to Big W to see if I could get them last week, but no go, so have resorted to Coles peppermints, not much different – try them. In the meantime will keep my eye open for them.

  2. No, Mum, NO! That’s what they want you to do, to buy all their own branded stuff.

  3. Have you contacted Woolworths already? I’ll follow suit. I noticed they weren’t stocking them anymore but hoped it was only temporarily… It’s terrible!!!

  4. Yes you’re right Woolies have now wiped them, however there is 2 IGA’s in Townsville QLD, so my addiction lives for another day, let me know and I’ll be happy to arrange postage at cost….sheesh guys I don’t know how your coping!

  5. Another Oddfellows fan here. I contacted both Coles and Woolies customer service, and both basically said that Oddfellows are no longer in their supply chains (despite many other Allens products still being stocked). I got the feeling that they simply weren’t interested.

    Good news though, on a whim, I popped into a Foodworks supermarket around the corner from where I work in Wantirna South VIC, and they still carry them. I cleaned out their stock (5 packets), but the lady at the counter told me that they were happy to order them in bulk (box lots) if I wanted them. Maybe your local Foodworks or independent supermarket still carries them too?

  6. This is rotten news about Oddfellows my Mum loves them and I have started to like them as well – and none f the shops around here stock them, including Coles, Woolworths and IGA or SPA – so not sure what we will do now 🙁

    Makes my blood boil when these “big” chains discontinue items just to stock their own product – oh well – will do a drive around and see what transpires 🙂 fingers crossed.

  7. My wife is a fan of oddfellows and just had to have some today. We live in Wagga Wagga and our source lately has been Canberra IGA near where we stay on visits, however a quick search found the local Foodworks store had a plentiful supply. Needless to say i stocked up. Thanks for this blog, helped point me in the right direction.

  8. Hi everyone,

    I’m living in Hong Kong, so even harder to get here! haha

    I actually just came back from New Zealand…they even have 450g bags of Oddfellows, and I saw them everywhere in supermarkets and shops in NZ. I sent a few bags back in the mail 🙂

    Anyway, I contacted Nestle in NZ to ask about ordering…they don’t send out but gave me a link to an online to order from, the cheapest option online is this one (200g bags only): http://www.anythingforyou.co.nz/products/details.php?pid=78&pagenum=1&sid=&maincat=36&subcat= (direct link to order Oddfellows)

    Will keep hunting!



  9. Thanks Nick, man I love the sound of 450g bags. They are becoming so difficult to find here. My wife works around the corner from what must be the last supermarket in Melbourne to stock them so I have an okay supply for now but that link will come in handy.

  10. Hi Tony and everyone else hanging out for the Oddfellows.

    Just got my first delivery from Anything For You, as listed above.

    My first off the crew there, service was fantastic and delivered very quickly to me here in Hong Kong.

    30 packs should last me a little while!!! hahaha

    Highly recommend AFY…give them a try and enjoy the Oddfellows!

  11. Well, I am glad I did a search for oddfellows before walking the streets and going into every store that looks like it sells lollies.

    Definitely going to use that link right now to order a years supply….I can’t believe all the good things are being deleted.

    Thanking all of you for your feedback…it has helped tremendously.

  12. So glad to know I’m not the only one searching for Oddfellows! Absolute disgrace the way they’ve disappeared from supermarket shelves. Will make use of that link (many thanks to Nick) but it really is a sign of the times – all sorts of good products vanishing so supermarkets can replace them with their home brands.

  13. There is no other peppermint. Odd Fellows rule OK

    I have bought these for over 40 years and have I’ve not come across a close second yet.

    Yes I’ve noticed that IGA are the only ones who still stock them, however not all do. IGA Albert Park seem to always have a good supply. Make sure you leave some for me.

    I’m an Odd Fellow and I’m Ok


  14. Oh wow! Hubby and I can’t believe how many people out there are Oddfellow fans!
    I agree with all the above posts, that they are the ONLY mint that will do!
    We also found the online source and have stocked up.
    Rotten supermarkets!
    Love and light!

  15. yeah,same problem cant find a stockist, last was IGA, bought the lot!! will not buy any of coles or wollies brands of anything as they are just trying to put the genuine products off the market _. Laws req`d._ Beware of products imported from N Z they are not neccessarily made there.

  16. John, the Oddfellows are made in NZ, the last place that does make them…thankfully someone does, but know what you are saying, need to be wary.

    But they taste great and keep me a happy little fella!

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