My Tweets For The Week

  • Send off quote, update WordPress, fix Cinderella Barbie's head…all in a days work. #
  • Haven't moved from this desk all day, time for a little walk outside to get some of this thing called 'air'. #
  • Such a grey day, hard to lift your spirits above 'getting by' on a day like today. #
  • After a chat this morning neighbour from two doors up just knocked on the door and loaned me his sheers to trim back bushes in front yard #
  • Ooops, that should have been 'shears', not 'sheers'. There was no exchange of stockings. #
  • And thanks to Miss Marita for pointing out the missing 'k'. Kan yu tel mi minde isnt reely fohcussed todai? #
  • So 'Burnt by sigar' is actually 'Burnt by it's anger'. Who would have guessed. #
  • I mean, seriously @Richmond_FC, the Gold Coast? Right back where we started from and then some. #
  • Thinking about adding a 3rd monitor but the CFO is giving me nasty looks when I mention it. #
  • Odd – The SBS site is giving me malware warnings in Chrome. #
  • Dinner on, not sure if the kids will like the chicken pasta thingy I'm trying, pizza place is on stand by. #
  • Lemon soy chicken rigatoni surprisingly tasty and popular. #

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