My Tweets For The Week

  • Why is Moo talking about Justin Bieber with Rita? I sense her big sister at work. #
  • Anyone know an electrician in the west who will turn up when they say will? #
  • That fog is thick. It's shrouding the street light a few metres from out door. #melbourne #
  • Great trip to Bert's school this morning to see the movie his group made this term. Seems to be a great, progressive school. #
  • will not come out and do a quote for a deck roof unless both of us are at home. Point blank refused. How ludicrous. #
  • CLOUDS/JESUS JONES/THE WONDER STUFF at The Palace, August 19. Anyone interested? #
  • Dad Pasta rules again. #
  • I like the new look Google Calendar, very clean. #googlecalendar #
  • Can't quite understand why the RACV don't have their road side assist number on the front page of their web site. @theracv #
  • Perhaps the RACV could move Jason from sales to the road side assist number to help shorten the wait time… @theracv #
  • The new Gmail look, that matches the Calendar improvement, is pretty cool too. #
  • 3 kids cooperating to get a ball out from under the deck, beautiful to see. #
  • The key to getting the lounge room clean? That's easy – promise blue heaven milk shakes. #
  • Time for some Adventures Of The Wishing Chair. #
  • Kids all in bed and asleep. It's been a long week so dad isn't far behind them. #
  • Half an hour spent building Lego with Henry. Ah, the joys of having Lego loving kids. #
  • Update a web site, send a quote, have a nap…a good way to pass a Sunday afternoon. #

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