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I’m wondering if I should move to America for an hour or so. I’m reading Last Call by Daiel Okrent, a fantastic read about the prohibition era in the US. My only problem is that it’s a book, a real paper one, and I’m struggling. I’ve blogged before about how I love my Kindle and now I’m beginning to realise it really has changed how I read.

I swear if I had the book on my Kindle I would have finished it by now, as it is I’m less than a quarter of the way through. The Kindle version isn’t available to Australian residents but I’m reliably informed that if I change my address online I’ll be able to purchase it as an e-book. So, what do you think? On this 4th of July should I move to the US for a few minutes so I can get the book finished?

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  1. You should sign up for the New Yorker while you are there. It is only $3 a month and it is amazingly interesting reading. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  2. Hi T. Check this out online. My mate Simon was telling me about a company that gives you a US address for about $10. So you can order anything you want online, they ship it to the US address and then forward it to you in Oz. There is probably a way to make it work for you with downloads. I think they do US IP addresses also. RP

  3. I got my copy through Simon and Schuster by fibbing. If anyone asks I live at the New York Times building. Office and telephone number easily available through white pages.

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