My Tweets For The Week

  • Kids tucked up in our bed having a little telly time before picking up Bert. Wish I could join them. #
  • finished The Black Book by Ian Rankin. Quarter of the way through my Rebus marathon. @beathhigh #Kindle #
  • The prodigal football has returned! Happy Bert, someone found his Tigers footy and handed it in. #
  • Huge wind and black clouds, it's like someone turned out the lights. #
  • Shortest day of the year brought the most stressful day ever of running my business. Thankfully as sun set the problem seemed to be solved. #
  • Rae out tonight so took the path of least resistance when it came to tea. Need to expand my roster of dad dinners. #
  • one marshmallow too many… #
  • Windows and doors open, washing on the line – this is more like the winter I like. #
  • Oh boy. How did I mange to install that new PC after one of Mel's killer margaritas? #
  • Still in pyjamas but I do have the new media PC up and running. Now to get ready for a perfect winters afternoon at the footy. #
  • Saturday afternoon at the 'G. Heaven. #
  • Did all the stall holders @sthmelbmarket take grumpy pills this morning? If it had been our first time we wouldn't bother going back. #
  • Someone on @Channel31 just said kangaroo is different to beef because "it's an all natural product". Hmmmm. #

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