Bad Start/Good Start

You just know those days, the ones that start off bad and continue on down? Yep, welcome to today. However there may be hope.

After a morning of yelling, screaming, generally feral children it was time to drop Bert off to school. Everybody in the car, turn the key. Turn the key. Turn the key. Nothing. Bloody flat battery on the last morning of school for the term. Right, just enough time if we hustle to walk to school so off we go. Five meters in and Mr Henry lands flat on his face. Sorry Mr, no time for sympathy today Mr. Around the corner and we’re powering along when a car pulls up.

“Excuse me, do you want me to drop Albert off to school?”

Yes, Valarie’s mum to the rescue! Valarie is in Bert’s class. I’m now very grateful that  Bert is a lot more social than his dad ever was. I’m taking this as a sign that a day that was heading downhill pretty quickly has turned around. Thanks Valarie’s mum.

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