My Tweets For The Week

  • Never fails to send shivers down the spine, 90,000 people and you could hear a pin drop. #
  • Pretty foggy out there this morning. (@ Derrimut, Victoria) #
  • Have decided to re-read all the @Beathhigh Rebus novels. This time in order and all on my @AmazonKindle. Knots and Crosses already under way #
  • Roll On Summer, My New Shirt Courtesy Of Uncle Rob #
  • 8.30. That's bed time for me. Hopefully this big will disappear overnight. #
  • That should have been 'bug'. #
  • Rae at work, Bert and Phee at school, Rita here for the kids. Everything back to normal. Sigh. #
  • Giving @cldmgc another go. #
  • "I" made "it" on to The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks: "cow" manure #
  • Big Audio Dynamite live on 6 Music. #
  • Crashing fast, this bug won't let go no matter how much I sleep. #
  • Creme Brulee setting in the fridge, time for a good lie down. #
  • 7.30, bed time. Brulee's went down well. #
  • Bloody 'ell, forgot there is a game tonight. Footytips and then bed. #
  • Never thought I'd say this but I'm really impressed with how helpful the ANZ bank support staff were this morning. #
  • All I can hear is Mr Bean doing the wedding vows now. #
  • Raw just asked when she was getting my troth. I thought that's why I went to that doctor last year… #
  • Have to say there are some stunning shots in this coverage. #
  • Just overheard Moo telling Henry to "suck it up princess". I blame her mother. #
  • At the G. Not many here so why did I have to park in South Yarra? #
  • Home after a great Tiger win. Go The Mighty Tigers. #

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