The Sides

We moved in two and quarter years ago to basically just the house. We quickly added a drive, not so quickly a front and back garden, no where near as quickly the missing side fence and that left one thing to complete โ€“ the sides of the house. Up until today they were just as the builders left them, muddy weedy wastelands. We had tried a few times to get them done and finally Hire A Hubby came through. Weโ€™ve finally finished the beginning of our house.


Sides Before 3

Sides Before


After 1

After 2

6 Replies to “The Sides”

  1. Great job. I would recommend Hire-A-Hubby. We have used the service before with very good results.

  2. Looks fine. Stay on top of the weeds that pop up. At some point, are you going to cover the decking? Maybe the missus could do some overtime at work for some extra dollars. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Yes Andrew, a roof is high on the agenda, just a question of how late I can make Rae work and how often.

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