My Tweets For The Week

  • Rae's sister in Qld just been told to evacuate her house. Scary times up there. Best of luck Jac. #
  • Have Channels 7 and 9 gone for news all day because of the floods? Well done if they have. #
  • Struggling to come to grips with just how bad the Qld floods are. It just gets worse minute by minute. #
  • Don't know if the foil our the flam is the highlight. #
  • Anna Bligh looks (understandably) exhausted which makes her presentation even more impressive. #
  • Wonderful night away with the while family. Being spoiled rotten in the lap of luxury. #
  • Gee the news has been tough to watch tonight. #
  • I see @danielbowen agrees. #
  • A Thursday with no Green Guide. This just feels wrong. #
  • Humidity has gone! #
  • Eating Kool Mints takes me straight back to watching movies in the old Cinema Capri in Shepp. #
  • Eagerly awaited new toy has been dispatched and is in Louisville, Kentucky. Wonder how long it takes to get to the other side of the world. #
  • Surely that can't be the sun trying to poke through the clouds? I thought it had taken the week off. #
  • Eating the world's greatest chocolate mousse cake. No, you can't have any. #
  • It's in Cincinnati now. #
  • Gone from Cincinnati to Los Angeles. Left Los Angeles a little while ago…. #
  • The Age TV guide still marks some shows 'WS' (available in widescreen). Is this still necessary? #
  • Client's weak password causes me a couple of hours of pain. #
  • Don't bother with bricvention – line is around the block. #
  • Tried to take Bert to #brickvention but line was around the block. Went to Disney exhibition at acmi instead. #
  • Update. Last seen departing LA. No sign of it since. #

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