The Tell

Like all bad poker players I have a tell, something that gives me away, only mine is to do with work, not cards. I’m snowed under at the moment, I should be working every minute of every day and one project in particular had been giving me me huge amounts of grief and this manifested itself in my shoulder.

Yep, when I get stressed my left shoulder tightens up so much I can barely move my head. I can feel it getting tighter as my frustration, then stress, about a project builds until it reaches the point it did on Sunday when I couldn’t even drive the car.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen often and there is a sure fire cure: get the work done. As the major problems of the project were overcome today I could feel the muscles relaxing, it’s the oddest. sensation, and now with the bulk of the work done it’s completely gone.

I’m just hoping I can get done what I need to tomorrow and finish the project completely, I don’t fancy my tell coming back, I need to be able to drive to finish my next job.

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  1. I once worked with a young woman who was quite the serious college student. Right before exams she would develop a stiff neck that gave her head a lean to the left. It would disappear right after exams were over. Amazing how the mind and body can react to stress.

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