Ages Away

Rae renewed the Age subscription yesterday, it was supposed to expire on November 12. I get to read it most days while I have breakfast and we would buy it Thursday and the Weekends anyway so it’s not much more to have it delivered 7 days a week. With taking Bert to and from school next year I may loose my reading time so we’ll revaluate then.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about.

When Rae renewed the gentleman on the phone said it would take 10 days for the renewal to take effect. 10 days! How on earth can it take that long? Credit card payment is instant (or should be!). Do they employ someone to walk from the call centre to my local newsagent to let them know to keep on delivering? Do they only release the pigeons once every 10 days? I can not for the life of my conceive how it could take 10 days for The Age to notify my newsagent. That’s just ridiculous.

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  1. I assume The Age is your daily newspaper. Here in Philly we once had 3 major dailies and tons of smaller publications. Now the 2 that are left are struggling mightily. They arrogantly refused to change with technology. They believed their own press.

  2. Bizarre, I’m assuming it’s something to do with the billing cycle program they use?
    If so, they need to update their software or risk losing more subscribers.

  3. I’m pretty sure he said that they (The Age) would fax the order to the Newsagent. So they sound like they are right on top of technology.
    Oh yeah. I needed the sarcasm font for that second sentence there.

  4. And, yes, Star, The Age is our daily newspaper. We have two in Melbourne. The Age is a broadsheet and the Herald Sun is the tabloid. You can also get the national The Australian.

  5. I know what you mean. I rang them the other week to change ours temporarily from a weekend delivery to a 7 day for one week only whilst we had a house sitter in. They wouldn’t let me change it temporarily – I now have to call back on Monday to change it back to weekend only, which will also take a few extra days to process. Very annoying!

  6. You should get the Herald Sun delivered instead – instant turn around on such requests. Our problem has always been the newsagent not being able to read the requests correctly – delivers the paper on days requested not to and then does not deliver when you return home.

    Don’t you just read it online anyway.

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