Doctor Confusion

I’m in a quandary. (That would be a great name for a suburb. “Where do you live?” “Inaquandry”) I went to see my doctor today and I’m not sure what to do next because I don’t think I have confidence in him any more. I went a couple of weeks ago because the arm I broke back in June is still painful. I went off and had the x-rays like a good boy and because the x-rays were apparently all clear the problem was solved and all I have to do is wait for it to get better. Five months after breaking it and it still hurts but there’s no problem. He just didn’t seem to listen.

I went back today and saw the same doctor. First thing was for the damage I did to my shoulder last week. I explained how most of the time it wasn’t a problem but when it was, oh boy, it hurts like nothing on earth. He felt the bicep and tricep, said there was nothing wrong with how it felt and that I just have to wait for it get better. Now Ren was here on Monday night hand heard the scream as I tried to pick up our doona. I’m sure she  can tell you, there is something wrong and now I’m too scared to use my left arm.

There was another problem I wanted checked out but again he just didn’t seem to listen to what my actual symptoms were. He’s sent me away for a couple of tests for a condition for which I have no symptoms. My four sisters and one of my nieces have all been treated for what I think it may be, and all of my symptoms match that condition. I mentioned this but it was dismissed straight away. I know I’m not a doctor, I know not to diagnose myself but a pattern of not listening to what I’m saying and telling me nothing’s wrong when I know that  something is has me concerned.

Should I have the tests/procedures he has recommended or should I get a second opinion? Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Crappy local doctors are the bane of my existence. If something is seriously wrong with me, I go into the city, Collins Street, no less, and see a doctor there. I pay through the nose but I get listened to, taken seriously and my concerns are acted upon pretty much immediately.

    Total faith in them when I had the following conversation:

    Me: “I know I sound like a complete hypochondriac, but [symptoms] scare me and it’s stressing me out. I need to do something about it. I’m worried it might be [this, that and the other].”

    Her: “All right, we’ll do [all kinds of tests] and cross all those off the list so you don’t have to worry about them.”

    Could have knocked me over with a feather. Sooo different from “Go home, you’re perfectly fine. It’s nothing to worry about”. My “nothing” turned out to be a case of glandular fever.

    Only ever see the local doctors for easy med certs now.

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