I Can’t Believe She Loves Me THAT Much

I took Moo to the footy this afternoon to see our mighty Tigers take on the Crows. Come half time Moo wanted to leave and as we had barely put a whimper and a storm was heading in I didn’t try to persuade her to stay. We set off across the park to our car park in a Richmond side street and chattered all the way. Back at the car I put our coats in the boot and just as I was about to close the boot I noticed Moo had left a toy on the footpath. I told her to go pick it up and, without even thinking or looking I shut the boot.

I then went to get my keys out of my pocket.

There’s nothing quite like the moment you realise you’ve done monumentally stupid and there was nothing like this moment. For the first time in my life I’d locked the keys in the car. For some stupid reason I hadn’t opened the car first and for another stupid reason I’d tossed the keys on top of Moos jacket, probably as I took mine off.

Crap. Stuck in a side street in Richmond, storm closing in and no keys. I did the only thing I could, I called Rae. Luckily she was at a game on the other side of the city and I’m lucky she loves me ‘cause she gave up most of the 2nd and 3rd quarter to drive over and unlock my car. We drove off listening  to the hail pelt down and to the Tigers storm home in a come from behind win as Rae headed back to find a park and watch her boys win.

Now that, my friends, is love.

3 Replies to “I Can’t Believe She Loves Me THAT Much”

  1. Poo! Again Richmond have stuffed up my footy tipping.Aaagggh Why can’t they perform well when I tip them.
    As for the keys,well maybe it was the footy-karma-god,paying you back for being a doubting thomas,and leaving early. And Rae is a gem.

  2. I learnt in 1994 to never set your keys down inside the car. It is so easy to do, but don’t.. Sorry I haven’t mentioned it.

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