No More Phone Books

After complaining recently about the waste of receiving the White and Yellow pages I was happy to see an article in The Age this morning about environmentalists calling for an end to them. Couldn’t agree more, although it’s not likely to happen.

The good thing is that you can opt out of having them delivered. To cancel your White and/or Yellow pages being delivered call Sensis on 1800 810 211. They also say you can go to the Sensis website but when you eventually find the page ( it directs you to call the number above.

3 Replies to “No More Phone Books”

  1. Over 120 sets of phone of books were delivered to our building and astonishingly there is only about twenty sets left which will be collected and returned soon. People still like to have them. And yes, I collected ours.

  2. I did, checked that my name was there and they probably won’t get touched again until they are disposed of next year. I did use last year’s when the net was down once, but now we have laptop with its own connection to Three, not so important. You are right. We could live without them.

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