What’s Ahead?

Okay, that was a spectacularly crappy start to the day. It featured :

  • Waking with migraine
  • Raised voices
  • Trawling through the garbage bin that had been put out
  • Wading through recycling bin
  • Cat scratches on arm
  • Cat bile
  • Poor wife being bitten by cat
  • Internet down when needed

And to top it all off the newsagent didn’t deliver my Age so I’ve nothing to read with my coffee and Friday morning pancakes. Just wondering if I should head back to bed and wait until it’s tomorrow.

5 Replies to “What’s Ahead?”

  1. Crikey!
    If ever I’ve heard a valid reason to crawl back under the doona until tomorrow, that is certainly a bunch of ’em right there!
    On the other hand, your day can only get better.

  2. I think the bible said the next wave is locusts, so bunker down until skies are blue again : )

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