Bakers Delight – Can’t Cut This

I was shopping with my mum the other day, she was helping with the shopping thanks to me and my broken arm. Mum was taking some shopping back to the car and I had the three kids in tow. As a treat I thought I’d buy them a finger bun from Bakers Delight and being a little incapacitated I asked the lady if she could kindly cut it in to three for me.

“I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to.” I was so dumfounded I had to ask her to repeat it. She was genuinely apologetic, but she was not allowed to cut anything.

Seriously Bakers Delight – you’re a bakery! You let your staff put bread through the slicing machine, why on earth can’t you trust them to pick up a knife and slice something? I’m absolutely bamboozled as to what the rationale behind this edict could be. It can’t be because the knife is sharp, they use a slicer and it can’t be handling the product as they have gloves. Any one know why or want to have a guess?

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  1. Hygeine, darl. Extra handling that they can get into trouble for if you somehow catch a bad case of cooties soon after. Anything beyond using a piece of baking paper to pick up that danish you might want is a no-go.

  2. My mean father used to make us share a bottle of soft drink when we each wanted one of our own . Perhaps a finger bun each and you get the left overs?

  3. I am assuming it has been put in place from head office in an attempt to discourage sharing a single item.

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