Free Of Three At Last

It’s taken me over a month of a half of almost daily phone calls I finally had 3 admit there was nothing more they could do, that the level of service wasn’t acceptable and said I could break my contract without penalty. I can’t believe the amount of perseverance required to get to this point; it was almost impossible to get them to acknowledge that no matter what their spiffy map said, Derrimut has severe mobile phone reception problems for 3. I think the clincher was that three calls from their very own tech’s dropped out within a couple of minutes.

This was not my only 3 related victory today, I also got them to drop $26 worth of fees after a problem with my credit card caused a missed payment. i called them to ask for the charges to be removed and they said there was no way they could cancel $16 of the charge, that was until I said “okay, I need to recover my costs too so please cancel my data plan”. Suddenly ‘no way’ turned in to ‘just this one time only’. Proves once more that you just have to ask.

Now I’m looking for a new phone provider. I’m leaning towards going with TPG, I’m already with them for my net connection, and they offer a plan with the same call rates as an Optus plan but at half the monthly fee. The main benefit though is they have no contract so I’ll be able to move to another provider once I stop dithering and finally  decide between the iPhone 4 or an Android based phone. But for now, that can wait, I have a victory dance to do.

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  1. My husband has the Google Nexus phone, and it’s luscious – I’d definitely recommend that one.

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