The Joys Of Working From Home

While working from home has its many benefits, such as always being here for post or Officeworks deliveries and being able to get to work with a broken arm, it has a few draw backs. Today is a non-nanny day and I was doing some admin stuff at the kitchen table. I realised they were being really good, quietly playing away and giggling. Cool, I thought, I can make a quick call to a client from here with no worries.

As soon as poor Linda answered Bert shoved Henry, Henry landed in the toy box and started shrieking at the top of his considerable lungs and Moo ran over yelling ‘who is on the phone Dadda?’. Lesson learned.

3 Replies to “The Joys Of Working From Home”

  1. So have you done the routine where you walk around the house, phone at your ear, trying to find a secure sound-proof room, a trail of children following behind you?

  2. More times than I care to remember Daniel. Although this morning I was lugging a laptop with my one good arm as I’d made the call on Skype.

  3. You’ve been a work from home parent for how long and you still fall for these shenanigans. They *so* got you covered!

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