It Was The One Armed Man

Two days down and I’m well and truly over it. Yes I broke my arm on Thursday in the most innocuous of fashion’s. I simply tripped over my feet, one second I was standing the next second I was on the ground with my arm pinned under me. For the first half-hour or so I thought all was okay and it may have just been sprained but no such luck. The pain kicked in and as soon as Nanna and uncle Rob turned up it was off to the hospital. An x-ray showed that I wasn’t being a sook and I had a radial head fracture. Basically the knobbly bit at the end of my radius bone has snapped in two.

Thankfully I don’t require plaster, just a sling for the next six weeks. This means I can shower and sleep okay but it is still a drag as I have no strength in my left hand so everything has to be done one-handed. Most importantly I can still make coffee, oh,  and use a mouse. Typing is frustrating but I’m using NaturallySpeaking to help me out. This is the first time I have used dictation software and while I’m getting used to it I can see myself using it even once I have both hands back. With only the barest of training I’ve managed to dictate this blog entry with a minimum of corrections required. I tried the speech recognition built into Windows 7 and while it was good and more intuitive than Dragon, Dragon is far more accurate.

The worst thing is being helpless around the house. Everything seems to take twice as long and there are some things that I just can’t do; hanging out clothes, washing dishes in the sink, sweeping up, picking up the kids etc. I hate having to ask Rae for help all the time, the six weeks will be very difficult for her. I’ve even called in the big guns and asked my mum to come and help a little.

I’m still taking it easy to let the pain and swelling go down before getting back into work. I truly can’t wait until this sling it gone, only 40 days to go.

5 Replies to “It Was The One Armed Man”

  1. The lengths men go to avoid domestic duties. Just curious, what happens when you are dictating and one of the kids yells out in the background?

  2. Andrew, I ignore them like I normally do!

    I have a good noise cancelling microphone and so far no troubles.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve broken your arm. Sounds really painful. Thank goodness for Dragon speech recognition software though! My dad tried using it and loved it, being a noob at typing. Hope you mend up fast 🙂

  4. Hey doll, crappy about your arm. I hope you’re feeling better soon! Let me know if you need an extra hand around the house. Happy to come over after work and potter around a bit. You can pay me in calzones later. 🙂

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