St John’s Concreting, Taylors Lake

Way to do business. I just called [I’ll name them if nothing happens] and asked to speak to someone about the damage they had done to one of our garden beds when they were concreting next door.

The response when I asked to speak to someone about what had happened was “Don’t be rude”. Nice. When I then pointed out I wasn’t being rude and that the real rudeness was doing what they did and just walking away hoping nothing would be said I was told “don’t you have a brain in your head, the concrete is still wet”. Nice.

I don’t particularly care if the concrete is wet, they shouldn’t have caused the problems in the first place. Let’s see what comes of this. Oh, and I’ve taken photos. Lots and lots of photos.

UPDATED 5:00PM Two Days Later

Despite being told they would send someone to fix up the damage by the weekend no one has appeared and there’s been no call back to either apologise or arrange for it to be fixed. The business that caused the damage was St John’s Concreting of 2 Mawson Cl, Taylors Lake. I’ll investigate what options I now have next Monday.

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  1. Tempting Steve, but as I said on Facebook, it’s no the neighbour’s fault – it’s the contractor who did the damage. My money is on not hearing anything from him and nothing being done.

  2. I had the same issue with them damaging my garden bed . I was not at home when this occcured . St Johns Concreting of Taylors Lakes are a s**t hole people .

    Come and join me for these f****rs to show how to do concreting and jam it up thier ass.

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