The Street 2010

It’s street day. For the past two years I’ve taken a photo of our street on this day, so who am I to mess with tradition.

2010 – Every block built on, every house lived in and five changes of occupants in the past year including two new neighbours for us.

The Street 2010

It’s getting to the stage where people have recovered from building and are now beginning to start working on the front of their houses. Still a long way to go but the street we hope to live in for a long time yet is slowly coming together.

(Not sure why I took the photo on this day originally, I really should have taken it in Spring or Summer when the street looks good.)

2009 – Every house built and lived in and one remaining block is underway.

The Street

2008 – Four houses under construction and empty blocks everywhere.


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  1. One neighbour was in for three months house sitting for the builder before the house sold. Three others are rental properties (one of these was a due to a break up). The other neighbour we have no idea but we think it may have been rising interest rates that forced them up as the sign went up soon after the first round of rate rises. It wouldn’t surprise me if a couple of others go up for sale before too long.

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