Good Guy/Bad Guy In 3D

Ever since the twins came along we’ve been talking about getting a freezer. Over the past few months it’s become increasingly obvious we need one. Phee is eating like a teenager and the young one’s appetites are growing every day. The poor old side by side just can’t cope with the amount of food we need to store and with the price of food we going to have start buying in bulk. A few cheques arrived all at once this week and there was enough left over for us to head to Highpoint.

We started off at Good Guys. Great range, lots to look at then along came Sue. She was fantastic. Dragged the kids off to give them balloons while we talked, knew her stuff, pointed out things we needed to know, offered to match any internet price and knew when to drop back.

We then wandered across to Harvey Norman. It was the polar opposite. Hardly any stock and when a salesperson eventually came by she gave the impression she would have preferred to have been anywhere else but there. No sales talk, nothing to say about the products and when we asked about chest freezers she took us over to what they had and disappeared, just like we did shortly after. I’m also looking at a phone upgrade and made the mistake of thinking someone there may have been able to help me. Foolish me. While Rae went to get the kids a snag  I stood looking at their selection for a few minutes, then tried to spot someone who may have been able to help. I gave up on the phone too.

Any way, we went back to Good Guys and bought the freezer, delivered same day. Sue again was great, and smart. She heard us talking about eventually needing a new washing machine so she gave us her card “for when we want to come back”, complete with her shopping list on the back. We’ll go straight back to her when we need to, won’t even bother with HN next time.

One other thing Sue did was show me 3D television. i have to admit I’ve dismissed this as a fad, something that will never take off. Dear god I was so wrong. I watched two minutes of a rugby game, a sport I know nothing about nor care about, but I was blown away. It’s indescribable to be a part of the game like that. Once they start broadcasting AFL in 3D there won’t be enough factories in China to keep up with demand. And if it’s this impressive for a first generation product I can’t even begin to think what it will be like by the time we can afford it.

Hopefully Sue will still be around to sell us a set.

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  1. Meh, 3D gives me headaches, unless it’s proper 3D on the TV without the glasses. Saw one of those in JBs a couple weeks ago. Nearly watched the whole of Avatar right there in the shop.

    And I couldda told you not to go to Hardly Normal. 🙂

  2. It’s true Kathy, we bought the freezer that day and I’m just about to buy the phone from a place where the woman was fantastic in helping me. That’s over $1200 Harvey Norman have missed.

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