On A Roll

When you’re on a roll, stick with it. We took the twins to their first movie today so that also made it the first time all six of us have gone to the movies (or “sinumuh” as Bert prefers) together. My clever wife won a family, well four person, pass to Princess and The Frog so we all headed off to the local Village and watched it. Not a fantastic film but it did it’s job – all of them were perfect for the whole film, barely a peep, even in the slightly scary parts. Of course Moo had popcorn so she was happy. They’ve all been to the movies now and all of them loved it. It’s been a great weekend.

3 Replies to “On A Roll”

  1. We took ours (4yo & 15mo) to see that, probably would have been ok except they had the sound too loud. I would have complained but I had a lap full of sooky-la-la’s … must admit i wasn’t keen on the voodoo, ‘specially the shadows.

  2. Kids are canny (and strange) animals. Phoenix regularly watches horror films (no, Aunty Ren does NOT approve) and not a hassle. Yet put “Walking with Dinosaurs” on and the nightmares start. This from a kid who loves his toy dinos! Anyway, I digress, my point is not all kiddies get worried about what’s on screen. Looks like you’ve got a hardy bunch.

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