Curse You BBC And HBO

For the last month, like everyone else, we’ve been moaning about the lack of anything to watch on television. It truly is a wasteland, and if you’re not in to tennis it seems particularly bad over the next week and a half. We have a fair bit on our PC waiting to be watched so we’ve made an effort to catch up. So far we’ve knocked over season one of Dexter and are half way through the first season of True Blood (and loving it!).

The problem is that Rae has now gone back to work so day time telly is out and by the time we get everyone to bed and sorted out we can only fit in one episode a night. That’s not so bad but international stations have caused us grief. Big Love season 4 has jut begun and today I discovered Being Human is two episodes in to season 2 on the BBC. Now we have to fit those in to our schedule as well as keeping up True Blood and a couple of movies. Is it any wonder I’m contemplating a larger hard drive for the media PC.

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