Bert’s First

We take our movies pretty seriously in the Malloy household, if you need any proof just consider that we were married in a cinema, so today was a pretty big day – Bert went to the movies for the first time. I’ve been wanting to take him for a while now, he’s old enough to manage a kids film uniterrupted at home, and with Rae on her last day of holidays today was M-day.

I told him I wanted him to come for a drive with me and we headed off to The Sun Theatre in Yarraville ‘cause if you’re going to the movies for the first time you’ve got to do it right. There was a huge smile when I told him we weren’t actually going to Officeworks, we were going to see a film. We loaded up with popcorn, lollies and a lemonade and off we went to see Fantastic Mr Fox, and what a cool film to see as your first film at a cinema. He was great.. He chose the back row, centre seats without being prompted (must be in the genes) and sat riveted to the screen for the duration. As the credits rolled he looked up and said with a tinge of disappointment “Is that the end Dad?”.

It was a great afternoon and Bert has already asked when next I’m taking him. I hoping just as much as he is that it won’t be too far away.

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