Lazy Days

How I’m loving these lazy days, I have no idea how I’m going to be able to switch back in to work mode next week. Maybe a quick peek at the bank balance will help but until then I’m just going to enjoy the hours with Rae home and with the kids still in a post-Christmas spirit. We’ve been to the market, had visitors, been to the zoo, lazed around the house, read books, watched movies and eaten enough chocolate to last a life time.

Last night Rae and I took Phee, at her persistent request,  to The Astor to see Alien and Aliens. The 13 year old bravado disappeared pretty quickly but we soldiered on. The thing that amazed me was how people behaved during Alien. You go to the Astor because you love cinema, and generally because you love the movie that’s screening so why was there a constant procession of people getting up, going out and coming back in a few minutes later. It started about 10 minutes in to the film and didn’t stop. I have a bladder the size of pea I can make it through. Is it DVDs that have made people accustomed to not having to sit still or to plan on getting a drink before the movie starts? I expect better next time people, you have been warned.

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