The Day After Boxing Day A Year On

It’s a bit cooler today than it was this time last year. How can I remember? Because, this day last year we moved in to our new home and it was bloody hot! Thanks again to the wonderful friends who braved that day to help us lug all those boxes. That night we slept on a mattress on concrete in what is now the kids play room. We had no curtains, no drive way, no phone, no net and couldn’t have been happier.

In the past 12 months we’ve made our little house a home. We finally got our floors down, put up some curtains and summoned up the courage to bang nails in to our walls. With help we dug out the backyard for our wonderful deck and then the two of us flattened the rest of the wilderness to make a back yard. More help saw the front disaster area being turned in to the best front yard in the street.

We’ve each had a birthday in the house, an anniversary, a surprise coming out, first Christmas and hosted what will be the first of many Grand Final BBQs. Sure there’s a mountain of stuff left to do, not the least of which is to get a side fence built. They are nice neighbours, but. We want to put a roof in the deck, do the sides of the house, finish the front yard, do more to the back and on it goes. I guess it will never again.

So, one year down, many many more to come, and that feels great.

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  1. One year has passed already. I feel privileged to have been along for the journey. Nice words over. A coming out story? How salacious.

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