Ker Thunk

Happy New Year everyone. Amazingly enough we managed to stay awake until midnight last night. It probably helped we watched a movie with Rae’s mum (The Wrestler, fantastic film) and mother nature was putting on an awesome fireworks show all of her own. This time last year our neighbours held a massive, loud and long party that had us wondering how long we’d be able to survive in this house. This year it was thunder, a few illegal neighbourhood fireworks and that was that. There’s still a few cars parked in the street so there must have been a good party going on somewhere.

Best thing about this morning was a gentle ker thunk. I’m not sure what time  it was but I was awake enough to hear it. Thinking back it’s probably about 15 years since I’ve heard that sound on a weekday – the sound of The Age landing on the driveway. Thanks to a good deal from Rae’s work we’ve upped our subscription from only weekends to seven days a week. We’re trialling it for six months, as we’re not sure either of us will get to read the thing but it does mean we shouldn’t miss The Green Guide or Epicure for the next 26 weeks. No more calls on Thursday to check who is going to pick up a copy.

I’m not sure how much longer The Age can last. While I think main stream media ain’t gonna die completely it’s hard to see how a paper edition can survive in the long term. If The Age would remove those bloody annoying video ads from its web site  I’m sure I’d go back to it as my never ending source of news updates during the day. With Apple’s tablet just around the corner, and wi-fi and mobile net access omnipresent I’m not sure future generations will know the the quiet pleasure of unfolding a broadsheet on the table and settling down with a coffee. But for now we’ll make the most of it. Time to fire up the machine again, This week’s A2 is waiting.

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  1. Happy New Year. We used to get a paper delivered everyday. Then we went to just Sunday. Now I just pick up a Sunday edition at the store, as the delivery got a bit hit or miss. Occasionally I forget. If I do Hubby misses it, but I do not. I would never of thought I would give up a daily paper. But by the time I sit down to read it, the news is old.

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