Dad Dinner

Rae has headed off to the Yarra Valley with her work for the next couple of days. This means having the bed to myself, Battlestar Galactica on the telly and dad making dinner. Now this isn’t a big deal, I can and do cook (admittedly not as much as I should), and Rae had even put takeaway on the menu calendar but this morning it dawned on me – I’ll make Dad Dinner!

Growing up it was mum who cooked, every meal, every day except maybe a couple of times a year when Dad would take a turn. My memory tells me it was generally a Sunday night when he would serve up the one thing, apart from barbecues, that I ever saw him cook; omelettes. There are eggs in the fridge, some ham, chives, cheese and that’s pretty much all we need. So in honour of dad, tonight the kids are going to experience their Poppa Ted’s Dinner Extraordinaire – omelettes fit for kings, princess and princesses.

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  1. You are spot on – omelettes it was – hope they turn out as successfully as Ted’s and yes, it was only once in a while and how I loved that – a night off cooking!! Love Mum

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