The Good Touch

It started almost five years ago when I bought my first iPod – a 40GB white 3rd generation. It was fantastic. This lasted a couple of years until the hard drive failed so I replaced it with a reconditioned 20GB 3rd generation. This one is still going strong with Rae using at work but I replaced it a couple of years ago with an 80GB classic. Last year I found a 1GB shuffle on sale and added that. Now any normal person would be happy with a two sitting on their desk, or so you’d think.

Last week I added a 32GB Touch to the family, and it’s superb. I wanted a way to take my notes in Evernote with me and to carry my Google calendars, mail and contacts too. It does this and sooooo sooooo much more. I can see I’m going to go broke with buying apps, although the free ones are amazing. I can Skype for free from the beauty, have installed a spirit level, can play air hockey against Rob on his Touch, check my RSS via Google Reader, check my Google apps email, send Tweets via Twitterific and Facebook is better and easier to use via their app.

Now my holy grail for tech has been to find a way to stream 6 Music and my Canucks home games no matter where I am and, with thanks to the Touch, I’m almost there. Fstream is a fantastic app that lets you listen to almost any radio stream off the net – and it has no problems with 6 Music or the Canucks broadcasts. I can move away from the desk and as long as I have wifi I can listen and once I upgrade to an iPhone (yep, I can see it coming a year away) I’ll have my stations wherever I go.

For now though I’ll be happy and take delight  in my shiny new toy and drive Rae mad by making her look at every new feature I stumble across.

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  1. I’m fed up with bloody Apple. Why is it that I can upgrade to itunes 9 and rent movies off it, but those movies won’t play on my 30 gig 5th gen video ipod?? To watch those I have to buy a new ipod. What the?

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