At last, good weather on the weekend. Of course this means it’s time to get some work done outside. For now I only have to mow the back lawn but, before too long, it will be the front lawn as well. Yes after just a couple of weeks the first blades of grass are beginning to appear out the front. Thankfully this patch won’t have a swing set and clothes line smack bang in the middle of it so a couple of passes with the trusty mower and we should be right,

The lemon and lime tree seem to be in a little bit of trouble, the leaves at the top are turning yellow. I mulched them today so I’m hoping that may help but my bet is the soil may be a bit too much clay and we may have to replant to try again with the trees on top of the soil.

I should be weeding a garden bed out the front and taking care of the nature strip with another dose of weed killer but I’m running behind on a couple of projects for my business so it’s time to hang up the gardening gloves and switch in to nerd mode for a couple of hours. Then it’s then time to cook up some satay chicken on the bbq after which my weekend duties will be done. I love days like this, roll on spring and summer for many many more.

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  1. Citrus food, a bit of lime in the soil and green water from your washing machine… it’ll come up lovely. Lemon trees don’t like clay/heavy soil so you may need to put down some better stuff.

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