Lazy Spring Day Afternoon

We’ve been waiting for a beautiful weekend afternoon like this for months and months. It’s glorious outside, the sort of day that’s perfect for mowing the lawn, doing some weeding, cleaning the bbq or washing the cars – all of the things we should be doing but aren’t. Instead, after a morning spent doing the fortnightly shop and wrangling three grumpy not quite 100% kids we’re sitting here doing, well, bugger all.

Thankfully the street has enough to keep us interested and distracted. Next door have their three motor bikes and two cars arrayed for cleaning (okay, we get the hint). Across the road the land lords are in clearing the metre high weeds in the backyard that the previous tenants had left for them. The ferals across the way had a brief spurt of playing music so loud the whole of Melbourne could hear, although as it was Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’ I’m not sure they earned the badass points they were aiming for. Two doors up new owners are facing the excitement and drudgery of moving in to their new home. So far they’ve had a new bed and new telly delivered and an alarm system installed. Now someone is playing ‘Take On Me’ in their backyard so I’m off to investigate.

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