Officially Suburban

Today we moved in to the realms of official suburbanites – we planted a lemon tree. We’ve always said we wanted a lemon tree and now it’s Spring the time is ripe for planting so we found a great place in Sunshine where we picked up a lemon tree, a lime tree and some potting mix. We wasted no time when we got home and dug the holes (finding an old anti-freeze bottle exactly where we wanted to plant the lemon tree), planted the trees and gave them a good soaking to start them on their way.

Apparently it’s best to remove all the fruit for the first year of their life so where a while away yet from lemon and lime in our G & T (sorry Mel) but we couldn’t be happier; one more little thing to make this our home.

The Lemon Tree

Lemon and Lime

(Hmmmm, probably should have run the mower and whipper snipper around before taking the photos…)

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  1. They look nice and healthy 🙂
    Don’t let grass grow around/underneath them, buy a gall wasp trap to hang in both trees now before the damn things turn up (long sticky yellow tubes) and enjoy your new yard mates!

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