Well That Was Unexpected

It must be this perfect Spring weather because today was a day for pleasant surprises.

First off it was the post office, yes, Australia Post went above and beyond. A couple of weeks ago I sent out some invoices where I had transposed two numbers in my PO Box. Not the brightest thing to do so you can imagine my surprise when I checked the box today and there was a cheque – complete with incorrect address! Plus one for Aussie Post.

I then took the kids to Macca’s for lunch. I couldn’t get the woman’s name without looking like a dirty old man and Phee wasn’t quick enough but not only did she give us extra fries for the kids she also threw in a bonus kids toy so the three young ones had one each.

And finally this afternoon an email from ING dropped in to my inbox. Apparently I’ve been a good saver and this month they are going to give me a bonus $50 interest! Free money – who can complain!

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