Book Joy

Even though I have my pile of Problem Books I still buy new ones. Indeed I forgot to mention that I have read Ian Rankin’s post Rebus novel while Exit Music sat there staring at me. Today the delivery man knocked on the door and deposited six bottles of wine and two new books from my latest love, The Book Depository.

I love books, love reading, love having shelves full books but the one bad thing is the expense. I should probably join a library but, and this may sound weird, I’ve always had problems reading books I don’t own. I know, don’t ask, it’s just another oddity to add to my very long list. Given reading isn’t such a cheap hobby you can imagine my delight when I found – dirt cheap books, sent from the UK with free postage. That’s right. absolutely no postage costs at all. I must admit I first thought this must be a con, or a temporary promotion to get me hooked but it’s not – the books are sent to you for nix.

But how cheap are they? Well today I received Iain Banks’ new book Transition. It cost me $10.40 (as a pre-order) delivered to the door. Angus and Robertson have its list price as $29.95. I also bought Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day (thanks to an interview with him in the Good Weekend a couple of weeks ago). That one cost me $21.00 delivered while Borders have it listed as $41.95. We’re going to order the kids a book every now and then too so they get the surprise of having one turn up in the mail.

The sad thing is these prices make it almost impossible for me to go and purchase books from the local book store any more. I know I should be supporting my local businesses, god knows I need locals to support mine, but I can’t justify to myself, or the CFO, spending twice as much on non-essentials like books.

I’m determined that neither of these shall end up as Problem Books but now I’m faced with the decision of which to tackle first. I think Mr Banks may come out on top, guess we’ll see tonight about 9:30.

(Oh and if you want to see something really cool – watch people shop at The Book Depository)

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a particular book and had no luck finding it in Australia so it was going to cost over $50 to buy from OS. I’ve just been on to and found it for $20!

    Love watching books being sold all over the world. What a great idea!

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