Two Updates

The Fence .

Still no fence. Next door neighbours have tried five different guys with no success. Good thing is it’s given me the chance to chat with them and they are lovely. Joanne asked me if I like Vietnamese food. I think the instant drool that appeared may have been answer enough – apparently she’s a great cook of Vietnamese and we’ve been invited for a meal. On another front the neighbour across the road haven’t been seen for a week and a half. Most odd. No sign of them moving out so maybe it’s just a holiday.


I went with reading Iain Banks’ Transition first. Also pre-ordered the new Ian Rankin novel, it should arrive in three weeks. Bargain price again – $17.50 instead of $29.95. Bert’s first mail surprise should arrive next week.

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  1. Did I tell you about my neighbour? They moved in about 2 years ago from London (husband, wife, 2 kids). Then they had a massive extension built to accommodate her mum and dad. Then, we believe, she ran off back to London with the kids to be with her fancy man. The bloke is now living with his in-laws. Poor sod.

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