Flat Football

Another Sunday morning, another weekend Sports supplement explaining how the Tigers were defeated once more. 1 win from nine games. After the debacle that was our first game I checked the record and my prediction was one one win from 12 games. It looks like I’m dead on target.

I’ve been a Richmond supporter all my life and a member for the past eight years. I’m accustomed to defeat but 2009 is different. I’m getting no joy at all from the footy this year; I didn’t got to Dreamtime at the G last night and I’m yet to renew Bert’s and Kennedy’s memberships. We Tiger supports are a hardy lot, it’s a badge of honour that we turn up every week regardless of how the team is going, but of late that badge has become rather rusty.

Terry’s time is up, anyone can see that. If he’s not asked to step aside in the promised mid-year review then there is something seriously wrong with the management at the club. This is the team as he made it and it’s obvious something is drastically wrong. Give someone a few games to try something new, start some more young kids, we have nothing to loose. I feel sorry for Wallace, it must be hard turning up to work every day knowing you are just warming the seat but his time has come, and gone.

We’re away next weekend for another loss in West Australia and then it’s the Bulldogs. There’s a certain appeal, and symmetry, to having his last match as Tiger coach being against the Doggies so let that be his farewell. Please.

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  1. I tipped the Dons, but was disappointed at how the Tiges just seemed to let it go in the second half. I guess you’re getting used to that now.

    The TV pics of the young boy crying must have reminded people that Tigers Fans need to be strong to stay by their team in these times.

  2. Next match is game number 500 as player and coach…my tip is he is just hanging on to get that milestone….and the whisper is he tipped hutchy off about the meeting the other week.

  3. Mother freakin…. I said weeks ago that this would be his last week, cos the new coach’s first week would be the game against the Dogs. With this new info from Steve regarding the 500 games, it’s a dead certainty. Gah!!!

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