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A while ago I ruminated on how buying a new espresso machine actually saved me money. Okay, so it was more justifying the purchase to myself but it still had me wondering up until today just how much I was saving so I got out the calculator, measuring jug and scales and figured it out.

7 grams of coffee = 14 cents
190 ml of milk = 23 cents
Power & water, hard to say ’cause it’s so small but let’s 5 cents.

That’s a grand total of (…and carry the two) 42 cents per coffee.

Instead of $3.70 for a standard coffee up the street.

Wow. Even with staff and other overheads it shows just how much profit there is in that little bean.

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  1. Jen, I can attest that the coffees are damn good. It took a few tries and different sorts of beans/grinds, but he’s there. And I make, I mean ask him to make me a few every weekend.

    And the extra beans/grinds that didn’t work out were used up in my morning coffee via the plunger. So nothing was wasted! 🙂

  2. Awesome news. I recall you asking what to do. I too save a lot of money by making lattes at home. Granted I don’t have “true” latte’s but have a battery operated foamer for the hot milk. Likely saving myself $2 per cup, at least (roughly). So, for a $300 espresso machine that’s 150 coffees, and it’s paid for itself. Roughly speaking.

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